Helsinki City Running Day 19.5.2018 changes the date of the Marathon

Helsinki City Running Day connects five different running events under one day, May 19th 2018. Find your distance from the marathon, a half marathon, a marathon relay, a five kilometer street run and childrens’ Minimarathon.

Event information

Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run Half Marathon 
2018 changes and registration
Sportyfeel Helsinki City Marathon  
2018 event description, instructions and registration    
Helsinki City Marathon relay
2018 event description, instructions and registration    
Helsinki City 5
2018 event description, instructions and registration    
Chiquita Minimarathon
2018 event information and registration


Q & A concerning the changes of the date:

1. The routes of the events in 2018: 
The organizer will try to keep the Sportyfeel Helsinki City Marathon and Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run routes as close to the current routes as possible. We will also hear the feedback from the HCM 2017 very closely concerning the route. Marathon Relay and Helsinki City 5 are planned on the marathon route. The route will be negotiated in co-operation with the Helsinki City officials and police. It will be confirmed as early as possible after the confirmation with the officials.

2. The event schedules 2018 
The starting time of the race and other timetables are confirmed as soon as possible. The schedule of the day depends on the decisions made with the route. Competition and the Running Expo are open on Friday May 18th and Saturday May 19th for the bib and race package pick up.

3. Are the starting times overlapping? Will the route be crowded?
Events are mostly starting in different times. Routes and starting times are planned in a manner which ensures that runners are able to run freely and without slowdowns. The purpose of the connecting the events 2018 is to increase the number of runners in the long run. More runners mean more and better services and even better atmosphere!  

4. Price and what is included in it?
The registration for all new events will open 11th of August 2017. The registration will start with an Early Bird price over the HCM weekend and increase in price steps closer we get to the events. Prices and what the price includes can be found at each event’s webpage.

5. I want to change from one event to another, what should I do?
If you are already registered in Sportyfeel Helsinki City Run 2018, but you’d rather take part in another event the same day, please send us email: You will get instructions and a registration code which will let you register to the new event with the price difference between the events. If you want to change it to cheaper event we will return the price difference.

6. I transferred the participation to 2018 with the cancellation insurance and doctor certificate. I am not able to join in May. What to do?
If you are unable to take part in any event during the Helsinki City Running Day May 19th we will return your fee.

7.  How do I find information about an event?
Information about each event can be found behind the links above.

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