Helsinki City Marathon 2018 - Early Bird offer

Welcome to the 38th Helsinki City Marathon on 19 May 2018! This is your time to shine at the marathon with a view! Helsinki City Marathon is going through some major changes as the run will be organized in conjunction with several other running events on Helsinki City Running Day. The day will offer a marathon, a half marathon, a marathon relay, a five kilometre street run and also a Minimarathon for the kids.

To celebrate the Helsinki City Marathon weekend we offer a reduced price to all events.

The Early Bird Marathon offer 50 € is valid 11.-13.8.

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Helsinki City Marathon 2018

Most of the information concerning the 2017 event is valid also 2018. However, some changes will occur. Please keep these infos on your mind.

• The route: The marathon route is officially measured 42,195 km. We are hoping to keep the route the same as in 2017 but it will be negotiated in co-operation with the Helsinki City officials and police. The route is relatively flat and comfortable to run.  The route 2017 is made up of two laps where first one is longer. Many sights of Helsinki are also located just next to the route. The finish line is located at Telia 5G Arena, just like in other Helsinki City Running Day events.
• Schedule: The starting time of the race and other timetables are confirmed as soon as possible. The schedule of the day depends on the decisions made with the route. Competition and the Running Expo are open on Friday May 18th and Saturday May 19th for the bib and race package pick up.

The prices for the year 2018 can be found at the registration page.

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